GSG PLc is a coffee exporting private company established argumentative essay topics with an aim to export high quality washed and unwashed Arabica coffees. Our company’s head office is located in Adama, oromia region which is 86 km east of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our company’s vision is to be a competent coffee exporter across the country and on the international level. Obviously, Ethiopia is the land of coffee and our company offers tasty and the finest coffees from different coffee growing area of Ethiopia.

We supply coffee of all types from the renowned coffee growing areas of Yirgacheffee, jimma, Limmuu and sidama.

Our company is also committed in the quality of its human resources. We have highly skilled professionals on our disposal to be efficient and competent on the domestic and international market. Currently, we good topics for cause and effect essay have 20 highly skilled staffs graduated in the fields of Engineering, Business Administration, Accounting, Architecture, Secretarial Science & Marketing all achieving from Msc to diploma level.